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Organizations with multiple teams per age level must select and form teams in a balanced format. With the exception of goaltenders, no player may be rostered and play on more than one team in the same age level. A team in an upper age level may roster players from a lower age level.



If the game slot is a one-hour slot then the game shall consist of a 3-minute pre-game warm-up, 11-minute periods, 1:30 minor penalties and 4:00 major penalties, 8:00 misconduct penalties. If the game slot is longer than one hour the game can consist of longer periods but the visiting team has to be agreeable to this before the game.



If regulation time ends with the teams tied then the game shall immediately go into a 3-round shootout. Home team chooses to shoot first or last. If the 3-round shootout ends in a tie then the game ends in a tie. NHL Shootout Rules Apply, except for no player who is in the penalty box at the end of regulation time may participate in the shootout.


Mercy Rule

If the score differential is +5 or more in the third period then the clock shall go to running time. If the score differential falls back to four goals then the clock goes back to stop time.



Each team will be allowed one 30-second timeout.



Regulation Time or Shootout Win = 2 Points; Shootout Loss = 1 Point; Regulation Time Loss = 0 Points


If a tie in points occurs at the conclusion of the regular season then the following tie-breaking system shall be used: 1) More Regulation Time Wins; 2) Fewer Regulation Time Losses; 3) Head-to-Head Competition; 4) Fewer Goals Allowed in All Games; 5) More Goals Scored (max. +5 differential per game); 6) The team to score the earliest in first meeting of tied teams.



Home team wears DARK, Visitors wear LIGHT.


Pullover Vests

In a case where both teams have conflicting jersey colors, it is the responsibility of the HOME team to wear the pullover vests during the game. It is the home team’s responsibility to be sure their home rink supplies the pullovers.


Officials, Scorekeepers & Scoresheets

It is the responsibility of the HOME team to assign at least two USA Hockey certified officials to each game. A scorekeeper, timekeeper and the score sheet must also be supplied by the HOME team.


Reporting Scores

It is the responsibility of the HOME team to email the result of the game into the league office at within 24 hours of the completion of the game.


Playing Rules

The North Shore Youth Hockey League is registered and a sanctioned league by USA HOCKEY and the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois. All USA HOCKEY and AHAI rules apply.